Technical notes

All the pictures in this presentation were taken by me, using a little auto-focus Pentax camera, during my trip. After I got back, I selected the ones that I thought came out the best on paper and had a Photo CD made from the negatives. To my pleasant surprise, all the pictures came out looking a lot nicer onscreen than on paper, so I made a second CD, this one containing some of the more typical tourist stuff (e.g. Spasskaya Tower) and some pictures from my 1992 trip to Israel.

I used the hpcdtoppm program to extract the 768x512 images from the CD, then used the "convert" program from the ImageMagick package to convert them to JPEG format and to make the small thumbnail sketches you see on the pages.

One thing I discovered to my annoyance is that a picture that's crooked by a few degrees looks really lousy onscreen, even if you don't notice anything's wrong with the paper copy. That's why you'll notice my camera's datestamp printed at a strange angle on many of the pictures; I used ImageMagick's "display" program to rotate them to more or less the correct orientation.

The results, I think, look pretty good in most places. The hard part is coming up with text to equal all the nice pictures!

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