[St. Isaac's Cathedral]

St. Petersburg's Churches

Among St. Petersburg's many attractions are a variety of churches of many styles.

[Church of the Resurrection as seen from
Nevsky Prospekt] [Church of the Resurrection, closeup] [A few of the Church's towers]
One of the most spectacular, and certainly the most colorful, is the Church of the Resurrection, on the Griboyedov Canal a short distance from Nevsky Prospekt. It is also known as the Church on Blood, because it was built to commemorate Tsar Alexander II, who was assassinated in 1881 where the church now stands. Restoration was still underway when I visited (and, I was told, had been underway for years, and would continue for the foreseeable future.)

[Kazansky Cathedral from Nevsky Prospekt] [Kazansky Cathedral columns] [Detail of Kazansky Cathedral door panel] [Monument in Kazansky courtyard]
On the other side of Nevsky Prospekt is the impressive Kazansky Cathedral, a stone structure of forty-foot-high columns and intricate carved doors. At either end of the cathedral are statues commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Russian victory over Napoleon. Pictured above is the statue of Field Marshal Kutuzov (who is buried in a vault in the cathedral.)

[A view from the St. Isaac's dome walkway] [Another view] [Another view, with the Admiralty]
Another popular attraction, pictured at the top of this page, is the gold-domed St. Isaac's Cathedral, not far from Decembrist's Square. The inside is adorned with gold and emerald, and it's possible to climb up to the outside of the dome, from which an excellent view of the city can be had.

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