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Jerusalem is probably the most famous city in Israel. It's packed with historical sites and all sorts of interesting people. And if it doesn't lead the world in number of churches per square mile, I'm not sure which city does.

[View from the Mount of Olives] [Closeup of the Western Wall]

The Old City, of course, is the part of Jerusalem most familiar to foreigners. These days it's a pretty small percentage of the city, both in terms of population and area, but, to me, it's the most interesting part. The view on the left is from a vantage point on the Mount of Olives.

Two of the most well-known places in the city are the gold Dome of the Rock mosque and the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall,) both pictured at the top of this page. We were visiting the city with an Israeli friend who thought it unwise for the three of us to go into the Muslim Quarter, so we didn't get to see the inside of the Dome, but as a consolation we were just in time to take a tour of a part of the Western Wall most people never see -- the original foundations, now buried deep underground. Unfortunately, the lighting down there isn't ideal for photography; none of my pictures came out well.

[Arab market outside Damascus Gate] [Arab market inside the gate] [Unknown church or school]

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