Palm Software

DinnerDebt 1.0.2

by Steven Grimm

Tired of running out of small change when you go out with your friends? DinnerDebt is the answer.

With DinnerDebt, one person pays the bill every time you go out. The same person or different people each time, it doesn't matter. DinnerDebt keeps track of who owes how much to whom, and you can settle your balances at your leisure. Only one person had a glass of wine with dinner? No problem -- DinnerDebt can split the bill with an extra amount added to one person's tab. It'll even figure out the tip for you!

Use it for eating out, movies, hotels... anywhere you're splitting a bill and it's more convenient for one person to pay for the entire group.

DinnerDebt is available free of charge. Give it out to anyone you like. The only requirement is that you include a link back to this page if you publish it on another web site.

Download it now! [Zip] or [PRC]

To install, just double-click on the .prc file or drag it onto your Palm install tool. When you launch DinnerDebt for the first time, it will prompt you to add people to its database. Once you've added at least one person, you can start adding events. Tap the "i" icon in the program for information about a particular form.

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Version history:

1.0 (6 Feb 2005)
Initial release.
1.0.1 (9 Feb 2005)
Delete button on event form wasn't working. (Bug reported by Jon Lee)
5-way nav code for Treo 600 was causing problems on some Palms, so it's gone for the time being, (Bug reported by Yoon Fyi Thean)
1.0.2 (13 Feb 2005)
I missed some of the 5-way nav code in the 1.0.1 release. It's really all gone now, so the program crashes should be solved.