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Season 1: "Signs and Portents"
Season 2: "The Coming of Shadows"
Season 3: "Point of No Return"
Season 4: "No Surrender, No Retreat"

Assistants to the Ambassadors

Vir Cotto - Stephen Furst
Centauri assistant to Londo. Timid, unsure of himself, at times he seems little more than someone for Londo to throw things at. First appears in "Midnight on the Firing Line."

Na'Toth - Caitlin Brown
A female Narn, assistant to G'Kar. She is fiercely loyal to G'Kar, even if he's not ready to believe it at first. She prefers the direct approach rather than G'Kar's subterfuge and deception. First appears in "The Parliament of Dreams."

Lennier - Bill Mumy
Delenn's aide, fresh out of a monastery on the Minbari homeworld. He's something of an innocent abroad, perhaps the one person on Babylon 5 without a hidden agenda or a knife waiting to stab someone in the back. He reveres Delenn; to him she's a holy figure. First appears in "The Parliament of Dreams."

Other Characters

Catherine Sakai - Julia Nickson
She works for an Earth company that surveys asteroids and planets for mineral exploitation. Runs the survey ship Skydancer. She and Sinclair have had an on-again, off-again romantic relationship over the past decade. First appears in "The Parliament of Dreams."

n'grath - animatronics
An insect-like alien, a sort of underworld boss, who can arrange or fix things for a price. First appears in "Soul Hunter."

Garibaldi's Aide - Macaulay Bruton
Garibaldi's assistant, whom Garibaldi has taken under his wing. Friendly, and seems a bit naive. First appears in "Mind War." (A second-season episode mentions his name, Jack.)

Bester - Walter Koenig
A Psi-Cop, one of an elite unit of the Psi Corps whose function is to track down rogue telepaths, among other things. Perhaps in part because of his P12 psi rating -- more than twice as high as Talia's -- he seems to have risen to a position of some importance in the Corps. Bester ruthlessly pursues his agenda, which most of the time is the same as the Corps'. First appears in "Mind War."

Senator Hidoshi - Aki Aleong
Apparently a member of the Senate committee overseeing Babylon 5. Senator Hidoshi is often the one to deliver unpleasant government orders to Sinclair, though he seems personally to agree with Sinclair much of the time. First appears in "Deathwalker."

The Reference section contains a complete cast list by character and actor name.

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