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Synopsis by Matthew Murray (mmurray@wsu.edu)

Sheridan is brought around to face Londo, and Sheridan insists that what he sees on Centauri Prime couldn't happen. He demands to know what year it is, and Londo tells him it is the last year, day, and hour of Sheridan's life -- seventeen years after he began the war against the Shadows. Londo tells the guards that he is tired, and wants Sheridan taken back to his cell. Londo promises Sheridan he will meet whatever God he worships when next they meet, and Sheridan is taken away.

On Babylon 4, Major Krantz arrives on C&C to find that there is still another hour or hour and a half until the sensors are back online following the explosion. He says that he wants search teams increased so that they are prepared in case anyone tries to breach the hull.

Ivanova and Marcus are searching through the station for an access panel, and though Ivanova thinks it will take a bit of luck to find one, Marcus insists he doesn't believe in it. Ivanova, however, keeps walking and doesn't notice that Marcus has disappeared until she is trapped in the corridor between two security guards. Marcus, however, drops down on them from above, and they are able to easily dispatch the guards. After Marcus accidentally dislodges the cover from an access panel with his staff, Ivanova is able to get right to work.

Even though Sheridan is alone in his cell back on Centauri Prime, without his time stabilizer, he is still unstuck in time, and reappears briefly upon Babylon 4, noticed only by Zathras, as he reaches, in pain, for a time stabilizer. Meanwhile, Sinclair and Delenn prepare to set up their equipment, but the room in question is currently occupied by a group of officers. Delenn is then overtaken by a strange feeling, which she describes as someone walking over her grave.

Sheridan reappears back in the future just in time to have a visitor -- an older Delenn. He asks why she is there, and she insists that she didn't tell them anything, and that there is nothing they can do to her. She was allowed one last moment with him, and she tells him that she isn't afraid, that their son is safe. She tells him that she loves him, and kisses him.

Ivanova finishes her tampering, and the computer announces a hull breach in the area. The pressure doors fall down behind the evacuating crewmembers, leaving Sinclair, Ivanova, Delenn, and Marcus to do what they need to until the station personnel manage to burn through the door.

Sheridan tells Delenn in the future that he isn't really there, and that he isn't supposed to be -- he tells her that the last thing he remembers was his time stabilizer being hit. She believes him, and remembers that he had told her, a long time ago, that he had seen this moment in their future. She tells him that there is much pain and grief ahead of him, and that she sees in his eyes an innocence he lost long ago. Delenn tells him that the war against the darkness can never truly be won, but that they've created something that will endure for a thousand years, that they succeeded at everything they set out to do, but at a terrible price. Sheridan asks if there is anything he can do, but Delenn knows the only way to change this future is to surrender to the Shadows -- a price too high to pay. The guards arrive again, and it is time for them to leave.

Sheridan and Delenn are once again brought before Londo, who has apparently been drinking quite a bit. Londo says he has to drink, since it is the only way they can be alone -- he has no desire to wake "it" -- his keeper. It doesn't care why he does what he does, as long as he does it, and as long as Sheridan ends up dead. Londo sits forward, painfully, showing the keeper attached to his neck. The alcohol is the only way Londo can control himself for any period of time, though he has very little time left. Londo tells them that his world and all he hoped for is gone. He tells them that they are his last chance for the Centauri, and his own redemption. He tells them he has a ship hidden behind the palace, but that, in exchange for their lives, they must help to free the Centauri. Londo tells them to leave quickly, since his keeper is beginning to wake. They leave the throne room quickly, and are taken away by a guard. After they have gone, another visitor comes to Londo -- G'Kar, whom Londo refers to as "old friend." Londo says they have no hope if the keeper wakes up and sees what he has done. They have unfinished business, and Londo wants it to end before the keeper stops him. He says he is as tired of his life as G'Kar is, and G'Kar knows what to do. He places his hands around Londo's throat, but after G'Kar begins to choke Londo, the keeper wakes up, and Londo puts his hands around G'Kar's neck as well.

As Sheridan and Delenn move toward the ship, Sheridan lurches suddenly, and knows he's being pulled back again. But, before he goes, Delenn gives him words to take with him back to the past. "Treasure the moments you have. Savor them for as long as you can, for they will never come back again. John, listen to me. Do not go to Z'ha'dum. Do you understand? Do not go to Z'ha'dum!" Upon hearing these last words, he falls to the floor, and is pulled away in time.

In the throne room, both Londo and G'Kar lie on the floor, dead. Another figure, however, arrives and picks up the imperial medallion Londo wore around his neck. It is Vir.

While the others move to set up the equipment, Zathras tells them that he believes that the power supply in a spare blue space suit may be able to make the time stabilizer work long enough for Sheridan to be rescued. Though Marcus isn't convinced that Sheridan will reappear in the suit, Zathras' plan succeeds, and that is indeed where he reappears. Sheridan comments, however, that he feels like he could drift away again at any moment. Marcus tells Sheridan that they have secured a path to the central power core, and Sheridan plans to go with Sinclair, until Delenn arrives, glad to see that Sheridan has returned. He doesn't, however, tell her what he learned in the future.

Sinclair and Sheridan are nearly done placing the homing device in the power core, while Ivanova reports to them that she has rigged the scanners to make it look like the station is about to explode. C&C discovers this, but Major Krantz insists that they increase the output to the power core, despite its not having been tested. The sudden increase throws Sinclair and Sheridan away from the station just as the surge of tachyon particles increases, and Babylon 4 begins its journey through time.

Zathras understands the problem, but insists it isn't his fault. He is able to stop the station's movement through time, but not before Sheridan becomes unstuck in time yet again. Zathras tells them that the time device placed in the core activated prematurely, sending them four years into the future, to when Babylon 4 reappeared before. Zathras says they can't do anything else until they adjust the time system. Ivanova tries to contact Sheridan, but Sinclair reports that he has gone again, and that they have a slight problem.

On C&C, the first officer convinces Major Krantz that, despite all their work, it is necessary to evacuate to protect the lives of those on the station. Krantz reluctantly agrees and orders a distress signal to be sent out. Just as they are sending it, though, another increase of tachyon particles hits the station, and Delenn...

...is standing against a wall in Sheridan's quarters, watching him sleep peacefully. She walks over to a nearby table, and picks up a snow globe, which she turns over, and admires. Without warning, the door to the quarters opens, and a woman's voice says, "Hello." Delenn, in shock, drops the snow globe, which shatters at her feet...

...just as she finds herself again aboard Babylon 4. Zathras explains what she experienced was a timeflash, where one sees oneself forward or backward in time, due to the instability of the system. Sinclair arrives, but he isn't quite the Sinclair they knew -- he now appears much older. He explains that, when he and Garibaldi went to Babylon 4 previously, they were exposed to the time field without any protection. He didn't want Garibaldi along because he knew that Garibaldi, too, would have something similar happen to him if they should be exposed to it again. Sinclair says they need to finish their job, and that they need to get Sheridan back. Zathras says he can fix the time stabilizer, but needs equipment. Ivanova and Zathras leave to try to find the equipment elsewhere on the station. Sinclair says he is going back to the core to readjust the equipment, and tells Marcus and the rest to stay with the White Star and monitor the readings.

While Zathras searches through some equipment to find the tools he needs to repair the the time stabilizer, Lennier reports to Sinclair that seven ships are approaching the station -- one of which contains Garibaldi and another Sinclair. Zathras finally finds what he needs to repair the time stabilizer, and finishes just as he is discovered by several security guards who level their PPGs at him.

Zathras tries to explain to the security guards that he means no harm as he takes them away, and Ivanova sees this and reports back to the White Star. Marcus tells her that it will take them another two hours to finish the repairs, but Ivanova knows they don't have that much time. She says she will find a way to get to C&C to adjust the power there.

While Major Krantz brings the other Sinclair and Garibaldi onto the station, explaining to them what happened aboard the station before it was brought forward in time, Delenn arrives back in the station from the White Star and sees Sheridan, still in his space suit, reappear.

Krantz introduces the other Sinclair and Garibaldi to Zathras, who looks up at Sinclair, and says, "Not the One." This confuses Sinclair, but Zathras won't say anything else to him, and claims merely that he does what he is told.

Everyone on C&C evacuates, leaving Ivanova free to sneak in and begin readjusting the power to the fusion reactors.

Zathras tells Sinclair and Garibaldi that they need Babylon 4 for a great war, as a place to gather to fight and organize, to help save the galaxy "on the side of Light." Zathras explains further, saying that, without the station, it is the end of everything. "The One leads us. The One tells us to go, we go."

Two security guards arrive in the corridor to find a figure in a blue space suit, appearing and disappearing. The guards run and tell Major Krantz, and everyone leaves the room where Zathras was being questioned, including Zathras. They find the figure in the space suit, which Zathras identifies as being the One. The figure in the space suit apparently is having difficulty standing, and Sinclair begins approaching it.

Ivanova finishes what she is doing, and warns Sinclair, who has finished readjusting the homing device in the core, to back off, as it will soon become operational.

The other Sinclair approaches the blue-suited figure and touches its outstretched hand, but is thrown back by a large blast. In the resulting commotion, Zathras runs to the figure and gives it the repaired time stabilizer, warning the figure to take it and leave quickly. The figure vanishes.

Ivanova activates the station, and it begins moving. Zathras warns the others to leave quickly, or else be trapped there forever. As Sinclair moves away from the power core, Marcus discovers Sheridan, once again on Babylon 4, with a new time stabilizer. Sheridan says that someone must have put it on him and switched places. This confuses Marcus, who doesn't know who has been running around Babylon 4 in the blue suit.

The other Sinclair and Garibaldi, while trying to escape with Zathras, lose him as he becomes trapped under a fallen pipe. Though Sinclair tries to save Zathras, Zathras insists that he leave, telling him that he has a destiny. Sinclair, though clearly confused, does as he is told, leaving Zathras behind.

As the ships carrying the Babylon 4 crew and the other Sinclair and Garibaldi leave the station, Sinclair, just leaving the station's core, stands on the outside of the station and activates his communicator, to try to deliver one last message. "Babylon 4 to Garibaldi, Babylon 4 to shuttle one. Garibaldi, do you read me? Watch your back, Michael. Watch your back." But the target is outside of communication range. Sinclair moves toward the airlock, just as Babylon 4 begins to vanish one final time.

Zathras, still trapped under the pipe, is approached by the figure in the blue space suit. He looks up, and smiles. "Zathras knew... you would not leave him. Zathras trusts... the One." The figure removes its helmet; it's Delenn. The station vanishes again.

Sinclair, inside the airlock, removes the headpiece from his own space suit. "I tried," he says. "I tried to warn them. But it all happened... just the way I remember it."

"I know," Delenn tells him. "It's time. We have to go. They're waiting for us." Delenn, and a morose Sinclair, leave to join the others.

Sinclair and Delenn arrive on C&C, and Ivanova says that the time-shifting controls can now be controlled from C&C. Sinclair says he will set them off by himself and then return to the White Star, but Marcus doesn't believe it. He knows that the system isn't fully automatic, and that someone has to ride Babylon 4 back into the past. Though he offers to do so, Sinclair won't allow it. "I'll take it back because I've always taken it, and I always will. It's already happened."

"You don't know that," Ivanova protests.

"Yes I do," Sinclair tells her. "You asked what brought me here. Before I left Minbar, I was given a letter... from nine hundred years ago." He hands the letter to Sheridan.

"Whose handwriting is this?" he asks.

"Mine," Sinclair explains. "I wrote this from the past... nine hundred years ago. I went. It's as simple as that."

"He's telling the truth," Delenn says. "I received one as well."

"No," Ivanova insists, "I can't accept this."

"If I go back to our time, the aging effect will probably kill me. Isn't it better to choose life?"

"Damn it, Jeff, I..."

"Susan, it's all right. My whole life has been leading to this," Sinclair tells her. He asks her and Marcus to leave them for a moment, so they can discuss something alone. After they have gone, Sinclair asks Zathras why he pointed to Delenn when he said he followed the One.

Zathras explains that he is the oldest living caretaker of the Great Machine, and knows things about it that even Draal doesn't. He tells them that he knows all three of them. "All Minbari belief is around three. Three castes -- worker, warrior, religious. Three languages. Light, Dark, and Grey. The Nine of the Grey Council -- three times three. All is three... As you are three. As you are one... As you are the One." He turns to Sinclair. "You are the One Who Was." He turns to Delenn. "You are the One Who Is." He indicates Sheridan. "You are the One Who Will Be." He again refers to them in turn. "You are the beginning of the story, and the middle of the story, and the end of the story that creates the next great story. In your heart, you know what Zathras says is true. Go now. Zathras' place is with the One Who Was. We have... a destiny." Sheridan and Delenn both say their silent goodbyes to Sinclair, and return to the White Star.

Sheridan sits down in the captain's chair, and though it is clear that everyone will miss Sinclair, Sheridan says they need to leave and respect Sinclair's wishes. They break the docking seal, set the engines to maximum, and head back home.

The White Star emerges from the temporal rift, which closes behind it, Sheridan assumes, to make sure no one else is trapped there. "That door is closed forever," Delenn tells him. "And it is not the only one. Lennier told you that a thousand years ago, human and Minbari souls began to merge -- Minbari souls were being born in human bodies. Something happened that opened that door between us. My change was, in part, to even the scales and restore balance between our races, using a device my people discovered a thousand years ago. You see... if my people had found Babylon 4 with a human aboard, they would never have accepted it."

Marcus instantly knows what this means. "Dear God... 'A Minbari not born of Minbari.'"

As Babylon 4 continues its journey through time, Sinclair places a Triluminary in the top of a machine -- the same one Delenn used to begin her change. The machine glows a bright light, and a new chrysalis begins to form, as Sinclair remembers his year aboard Babylon 5, and how his whole life had, indeed, led up to where he is now. As time passes, he finds himself inside the chrysalis, beginning a change of his own.

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