Babylon 5 Stations: US/Canada

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United States

Babylon 5 is not currently airing in the United States. It will return in January 1998 on cable network TNT. See the US episode list page of the Lurker's Guide at for schedule details.


CITY-TV is allegedly working on buying rights to season five.

The "Space" cable channel is also in negotiations to show B5; they ask that viewers please not contact them about it. It's being worked on already and they have limited staff to answer the hundreds of E-mail messages they get on the subject -- they're already quite exasperated by the flow of "Is there news yet?" mail. If and when there's news from them you'll see it here.

Reruns of Old Episodes

CFMT airs seasons 1-4 Monday-Friday at 7PM.

Station Notes

If a station airs B5 at midnight, it is listed for the actual day it airs, thus 'Sun 12:00am' is late night Saturday.

* Stations with an '*' have been known to move B5 around a lot for sports, so double check your listings to make sure when things are in season.

A mailing list exists to discuss Vancouver-area B5 airings; send mail to with "subscribe" in the message body to join.
A mailing list exists to discuss B5 airings in the Southern Ontario area, including the Toronto and Barrie regions; send mail to with "subscribe" in the message body to join.

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