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Note: Differences from the original credits are indicated in [brackets].

                         TNT presents
                      a special edition
                          BABYLON 5
                        The Gathering

 presented in

Michael O'Hare                  as      Jeffrey Sinclair
Tamlyn Tomita                   as      Laurel Takashima
Jerry Doyle                     as      Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan                     as      Delenn

                        Guest Starring
Blaire Baron                    as      Carolyn Sykes
John Fleck                      as      Del Varner
Paul Hampton                    as      The Senator
Peter Jurasik                   as      Londo Mollari
Andreas Katsulas                as      G'Kar
Johnny Sekka                    as      Dr. Benjamin Kyle
Patricia Tallman                as      Lyta Alexander

        Music by                        Christopher Franke
        Edited by                       Robert L. Sinise, A.S.C.
        Production Coordinator          John Iacovelli
        Director of Photography         Billy Dickson
        Co-Producer                     George Copeland
        Produced by                     Robert Latham Brown
        Written by                      J. Michael Straczynski
        Directed by                     Richard Compton
[Music was by Stewart Copeland]
[Robert Latham Brown's title was "Producer"]

[end credits]

        Executive Producer              Douglas Netter
        Executive Producer              J. Michael Straczynski
[Joe's title was "Co-Executive Producer"]

[closing credits]

Steven R. Barnett                       Eric
William Hayes                           Traveler
Linda Hoffman                           Tech #2
Robert Jason Jackson                    Tech #3
F. William Parker                       Business Man #1
Marianne Robertson                      Hostage
David Sage                              Business Man #2
Ed Wasser                               Guerra
[David's name was Dave Sage]

        Unit Production Manager         Robert Latham Brown
        1st Assistant Director          John Radulovic
        2nd Assistant Director          Joseph N. Linsalata
[Joseph's name was Joseph N. (J.J.) Linsalata]

        Casting by                      Mary Jo Slater, C.S.A.

        Music Performed By              Christopher Franke
                                    and The Berlin Symphony Orchestra
[this section added]

        Costume Designer                Catherine Adair

Original Visual Effects Designed by     Ron Thorton
[Ron's last name was Thornton]

Original Visual Effects Produced by     Foundation Imaging
        Special Effects Coordinator     John Stears
[Original credits included:                                  ]
[       Computer Imaging Supervisor     Paul Beigle-Bryant   ]
[       Visual Effects Coordinator      Shannon Casey        ]
[       Animators                       Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz ]
[                                       Richard Payne        ]
[                                       Mark Swain           ]
[between Foundation Imagins and John Stears                  ]

Additional Visual Effects Produced by   Netter Digital Animation
        Supervising Animators           Shant Jordan
                                        Patrick Perez
        Compositors                     Ken Busick
                                        Kim Anderson
[this section added]

        Art Directors                   Deborah Raymond
                                        Dorian Vernacchio
        Assistant Art Directors         Ted Haigh
                                        Chris Muller

        Set Designer                    Colin DeRouin
        Set Dresser                     Michael Mora
        Key Scenic Artist               Ruth Gilmore
        Conceptual Artists              Peter Ledger
                                        Susie Wilson

        Wardrobe Supervisor             Alan Trugman
        Wardrobe Key Set                Susan Roberts
        Key Make-Up                     Suzanne Sanders
        Key Hair                        Myke Michaels
        Property Master                 Guy Pepin
[Make-Up was spelled Makeup]

Special Effects Makeup Supervisor       John Criswell
        Shop Foreman                    Greg Aronowitz
        Make-Up Supervisor              Rob Sherwood
        Make-Up Sculpture & Application Ron Wild

        Special Edition Editing by      Suzanne Sternlicht
        Assistant Editor                Joe Binford, Jr.
        Post Production Coordinator     Susan Norkin
        Sound Designer                  Harry Cohen
[Suzanne's credit added]
[Original credits included:                            ]
[       Director of Sound Services      PAUL RODRIGUEZ ]
[       Supervising Sound Editor        GEORGE JOHNSEN ]
[between Susan Norkin and Harry Cohen                  ]

        Dialogue/ADR Editor             Cathie Speakman
        Re-Recording Mixers             Ken Teaney
                                        Bill Freesh
                                        George Johnsen

        Additional Re-Recording Mixers  Larry Benjamin
                                        Zeke Salas
                                        Liz Sroka
        Additional Sound Supervising    Michael Payne
[this section added]

        Script Supervisor               Haley McLane
        Production Coordinator          Alyson Evans
Assistant Production Coordinator        Karen Meisels
        DGA Trainee                     Clare Durand
        Production Accountant           Marge Rowland
[McLane's first name was spelled Haly]
[Production Accountant was misspelled Prodcution]
[Original credits included:                        ]
[       Asst. to Executive Producer     Scott Ross ]
[after Marge Rowland                               ]

        Camera Operator                 Stephen Collins
        1st Assistant Camera            Steven R. Monroe
        2nd Assistant Camera            James Ball
        Sound Mixer                     Jim Tanenbaum
        Boom Operator                   Cindy Gess

        Gaffer                          John K. Farr
        Key Grip                        Jan M. Heyneker
        Stunt Coordinator               Kerry Rossal
        Stunts                          Frank J. Sparks

[Original credits included:                           ]
[       Video Toaster Rendring System   New Tek, Inc. ]

        Filmed with                     Panavision(R) Camera & Lenses
        Digitally Edited on the         Avid Media Composer
[Originally Camera was plural]

[Original credits included:                                     ]
[       Pin Register Transfers & Digital Optical Compositing    ]
[                                       Action Video, Hollywood ]

        Color by                        Pacific Film Laboriories
        Electronic Laboratory(TM) by    Laser-Pacific
        Digital Sound & Re-Recording by EFX Systems

                          Vari Lite
                        Chatsworth, CA

               Filmed at Santa Clarita Studious
                      Santa Clarita, CA

                   (c) 1993 PTN Consortium
                     All Rights Reserved
[Originally copyrighted to PTEN Consortium]

                Country of first publication:
                   United States of America
      Elliot Friedgen & Co., Inc. is the author of this
              motion picture for purposes of the
                   Berne Convention and all
             national laws giving effect thereto.

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