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Lost, on the run and stranded on a Centauri outpost, Keffer and Garibaldi are overtaken by strange aliens with the power to control minds.

Issue 7 (August 1995, released June 6)

Setting: Before "The Coming of Shadows"

    Writer: Tim DeHaas
   Premise: J. Michael Straczynski
 Penciller: John Ridgway
     Inker: Robbie Busch


Garibaldi and Keffer are walking across a valley, two hours away from the Centauri city they spotted from the summit. Garibaldi reassures Keffer that they got enough of a head-start on the aliens that they should reach the city before their pursuers are able to catch up. As they press forward, Garibaldi continues the story of his first mission with Sinclair.

Sinclair and Garibaldi had taken shelter in a cave to wait out the dust storm. With only five days of air and food, it wasn't easy to just wait, but at least they were in radio contact with Lt. Sanchez aboard Garibaldi's shuttle. Sinclair believed the worst of the storm was over.

Garibaldi tired of the conversation between Sinclair and Sanchez and moved closer to the mouth of the cave, where he started drinking. He recalled a previous assignment, as head of security on Io, and the death of his friend Frank Kemmer (cf. episode "Survivors") -- a death Garibaldi felt responsible for.

Garibaldi found himself out on the surface, apparently after wandering off in his stupor. He reactivated his commlink to find Sanchez urgently trying to contact him. Sinclair, it seems, had noticed Garibaldi's absence, and started to go out looking for him -- but the mouth of the cave had collapsed, and Sinclair was pinned down just outside the cave, almost out of air. Sanchez hadn't heard from Sinclair for five minutes, possibly because he'd blacked out.

Sanchez told Garibaldi that if Sinclair died, it would be on Garibaldi's head. That struck home; Garibaldi immediately went looking for Sinclair, aided by a flare fired from the ship by Sanchez. Following the flare's lead, Garibaldi found a collapsed cliffside, and soon came across Sinclair. He was almost too late, but eventually Sinclair regained consciousness after Garibaldi switched air cylinders. As soon as Sinclair came to, he wrestled Garibaldi to the ground and threatened to kill him if Garibaldi ever did something as stupid as wandering off again.

Keffer notes that in fact, Garibaldi's wandering saved Sinclair's life; Sinclair would never have survived if he'd been at the back of the cave when it collapsed.

Meanwhile, the aliens -- humanoid, fanged creatures with feline eyes -- have not only caught up with Garibaldi and Keffer, but overtaken them, and enter a small forest, where they somehow meld with the trees. Keffer and Garibaldi arrive shortly thereafter, and Keffer begins acting paranoid, accusing Garibaldi of keeping them out in the open so they can be picked off by the alien ship. He pulls a gun on Garibaldi and takes Garibaldi's weapon.

As Garibaldi tries to argue, he feels something try to control him, too, get him angry at Keffer. He ducks out of the way as Keffer fires, manages to zigzag out of the line of fire a couple more times. One of Keffer's shots hits a tree and sends an alien flying off to the side. That breaks the aliens' grip, and as they close in to attack, Keffer tosses Garibaldi his gun. The two manage to kill all the aliens, but the creatures self-destruct before the bodies can be examined.

"Did you see those things?" asks Keffer. "They could have torn us apart... but they tried to mind-warp us into killing each other instead."

"Yeah," says Garibaldi. "Always work from behind the scenes... leave no traces... leave no witnesses..." If this has anything to do with what he saw on Mars, Garibaldi says, they're in big trouble.

Because what he saw on Mars, looking on with Sinclair from the top of a canyon, was a large Shadow cruiser, apparently excavating another Shadow ship from beneath the surface -- while figures from a nearby building stood and watched.


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