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Commander Sinclair is recalled to Earth and discovers a long-kept secret that leads to a new assignment.
Issue 1 (January 1995, released December 6, 1994)

Setting: Between "Chrysalis" and "Points of Departure"

    Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
 Penciller: Michael Netzer
     Inker: Rob Leigh
  Colorist: Robbie Busch
  Letterer: Tracy Hampton Munsey


A few days after being recalled from Babylon 5 (cf. episode "Points of Departure") Commander Sinclair is languishing in Earthdome, Geneva, waiting for someone to tell him why he was called back. His nights, as always, are filled with horrible dreams, replays of the Battle of the Line. He tries to prevail on a senator to tell him what's going on, but is rebuffed, with an additional admonition to stop spreading rumors about President Santiago being assassinated.

Then, in the middle of the night on January 6, 2259, some heavily-armed men escort Sinclair to see President Clark. Clark introduces him to Rathenn, of the Minbari Grey Council. Rathenn introduces himself and says he's come to take Sinclair back to his home. Not Mars Colony, where his body was born -- but to his soul's home.

Rathenn uses a triluminary on Sinclair, who is suddenly able to recall in full what happened after he was taken aboard the Grey Council's cruiser at the Battle of the Line (cf. episode "And the Sky Full of Stars.") He was drugged, interrogated about Earth targets, and tortured after he tried to escape. He recalls the whispers of the Grey Council as Delenn confirms that he has a Minbari soul.

Rathenn explains that every human pilot the Grey Council examined had a Minbari soul, or part of a Minbari soul, and that the Minbari population has been declining for the past six thousand years. At first the Grey Council blamed the soul hunters (cf. episode "Soul Hunter") but the decline was too great to be accounted for that way. That day, they discovered why the Minbari race was dying, where all the souls were going. Since no Minbari had killed another in thousands of years, the Grey Council surrendered.

Clark says that the Grey Council told the Earth government of their findings, and that both the government and the Council agreed the information would not be taken well by the public. Earth officials gave the Council permission to wipe Sinclair's memory; they were on the verge of defeat and weren't about to object to such a small demand by the Minbari. "We were dying," Clark explains later, after Rathenn has left. "It didn't matter that it was insane... Everything was insane. If it made them stop killing us... well, that was fine by us."

Clark tells Sinclair he's free to resign his commission with full retirement pay. Or he can accept a new assignment, his most important one to date: accept the Minbari government's invitation to come to their world as ambassador. Clark promises to keep Sinclair informed about Garibaldi's condition. As for why the Minbari wanted Sinclair, Clark speculates: "Maybe they feel guilty about what they did to you. Maybe they're comfortable with you. And maybe they need you. We've heard about trouble between the Minbari religious caste and the military caste. It's possible that... well, the religious caste might just need an experienced soldier to talk to."

Sinclair's shuttle arrives at the Grey Council's cruiser. As he waits to be greeted, he pulls out a small slip of paper and reads. He's shortly greeted by several hooded Councilmembers and a few members of the military caste, and explains that he was reading a poem by a long-departed writer, something he wants to share with the Council in the hopes that it will help them understand. He is escorted away by the Councilmembers, as one of the military looks on, expression twisted in hatred.


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