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"We are in a shotgun marriage with technology!"
—Stan Ridgway, from the original (performance art) version of Beyond Tomorrow on his second 1990 tour
official sites
Stan Ridgway's new official web site, run by his current record label UltraModern Records of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Includes a biography, a message board, and a pointer to

stan ridgway's dis-information
The official Drywll website. Contains news, places to buy just about every album he's done, and a variety of links and information that Stan finds interesting. It's run by Clark Price, who also runs the Dis-Information mailing list.

ridgway cds at
Stan has an official online retailer of his CDs, CD Baby. It's got almost his full catalog of albums. And be sure to check back now and then, because they have occasional special deals (like this one and this one!).

ultramodern Records
Stan's current record label. They have a couple of pages devoted to him:
Another Stan Ridgway home page at UltraModern
And yet another Stan Ridgway home page at UltraModern
fan sites
beyond tomorrow
You're soaking in it!

essays and reviews on stan ridgway by sam umland
Professor Sam Umland is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. One of his main areas of research is the body of work of Stan Ridgway. (I don't know about you, but I'd feel a bit weird being researched by a professor in Nebraska.) Professor Umland has written one long essay on Stan Ridgway's music called Stan Ridgway: Man Made Out Of Words, two album reviews, and also has conducted an interview with Stan Ridgway. And you can read it all at his website.

everybody does what nobody will allow
Adrian Oates' Stan Ridgway site, with information from press releases and a thorough overview of Stan's interview CD Fly On The Wall. No longer maintained, but mirrored here at Beyond Tomorrow for our children and our children's children to enjoy.
stan ridgway online media
The super-complete discography compiled by John Relph.

stan ridgway on morning becomes eclectic
Stan Ridgway appeared live on radio station KRCW's Morning Becomes Eclectic show on February 19, 1996. Stan and two band members played Big Dumb Town, Stranded, and The Man With A Long Black Coat live in the studio, and Stan played around with his Jackie "Teak" Lazar doll. You can listen to a Real Audio recording of that broadcast here.

Note: you will need a Real Audio player, version 3.0 or better. You'll also need a nice fast network connection, as they've re-encoded it at 40k/sec stereo. It sounds a lot better this way, but it's probably too high bandwidth for a conventional modem.

wall of voodoo sites
jtl's wall of voodoo page
John LeTourneau's page devoted to just Wall Of Voodoo. He's got lyrics, a message board, and links to other Wall Of Voodoo pages.
Richard Mazda's official home page. Mr. Mazda was the proud co-producer of Call Of The West. Read his "voodoo" page (scroll down a little) and he talks some about his experiences.

indie art and lee marvin
This is an article Stan contributed to the What Is Indie? column at, an online magazine serving the independent artist community. It's a fun read.

stan ridgway at the imdb
Stan Ridgway, Film Score Author Of Destiny, now has his own entry in the IMDB (the Internet Movie DataBase). I'm sure you already know more than they do about Stan's movie work, but in case you're interested you can browse their incomplete listings...

links for stan's movie soundtracks
Here are iMDB links for all the movies Stan's done soundtrack work for:

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